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The Napa Valley is home to a diverse group of inhabitants, each with their own wants and needs. The economy is largely based upon the success of grape growers and vitners, residents require safe places to live with clean air and water, and wildlife…

For years, communities along the Napa River have been devastated by flooding. Since 1862, twenty-two historic flood events have occurred in the Napa Valley. Over the span of 36 years (from 1961 to 1997), 19 floods caused over $542 million dollars in…

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Explore Napa is a free mobile app and website from the Napa County Library that allows you to explore the rich history of Napa County.  With Explore Napa you can learn the stories of Napa's everday places and look through a window into the past with historical images and documents. This project was made possible through a NorthNet Library System Innovation Grant.

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